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Submit proof of payment

Now that you have registered we need you to login and submit proof of the bank wire transfer you have made.
To login click HERE or use the top navigation menu. For more details see below.

Do not only provide us with clear screenshots of your completed bank wire transfer, remember to also include:

Who the product is for:
What product you bought:
Website link to product page:
Did you send us money for delivery cost via paypal?:

This way we can be fully informed about your order and give you better service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I provide a screenshot from my mobile phone banking app ?

Yes you can but mobile banking apps usually dont show much information and we might have to ask you for better documentation. So the best is to submit an image straight from your online banking account or scan in a document you got from the bank.

What is the maximun image file size ?

The maximun file size is 3MB for attachments/uploads. You can submit the image as a pdf,png,jpeg or jpg file.